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Primary from £15ph | GCSE from £18ph | A-Level from £23ph

Tuition, Tailored For 

One to One lessons personalised for your child. We guarantee you the best quality (without all the hassle).

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Don't Take Our Word For It

First Lesson Guarantee


We're so confident you'll love us, we'll give you your money back if you don't! 

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"The education we got from here for my daughter was very good as a family who are very happy and her a well and we would recommend this to our friends and other family members as well once again thank you very much."

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From £12 per hour
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From £15 per hour
From £20 per hour
Why Us?

What's Included


Monthly Progress Report

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Interactive Engaging Lessons

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Homework Every Lesson


Easy Rescheduling


Exam Practice & Preparation


Tutors Are Always Available

Why We're Better

For Students, By Students

We handpick the top students from the most prestigious universities across the UK. Our tutors act as a guide to help students navigate every step of their education.

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A Clear Path To Your Goals

Our tutors create personalised progress plans to ensure that our students succeed. This helps keep our students motivated and encouraged.

Personalised For Your Needs

We take a very personalised approach to learning. Tutors are assigned to you based on your child's preferences, needs and style of learning.

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Handpicked, Quality Tutors

Although we're very selective, we don't just hire for academics, we also ensure all of our tutors keep lessons engaging and are great at teaching any topic.

How It Works

Finding What's Right For You Can be...


With us it isn't

Start achieving more, now.

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Book your consultation call.

We have a consultation call with every customer before starting lessons. Book your free consultation call below.


We'll Get In Touch.

After filling out the form, we will contact you and discuss what you need. From there we will assign you a tutor and set the first lesson.

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Have Your First Lesson.

After our call, you will exchange details with your tutor and you're set to begin your first lesson!

Meet our Tutors

Our Star Tutors

Get To Know

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Studying Medicine at the University of Leicester

Hello everyone! My name is Sharon and I'm currently in Leicester studying medicine in hopes of becoming a doctor or surgeon. Ever since the start of GCSEs I've developed an interest in the way students learn and found ways to make learning new things enjoyable but also efficient. My sessions not only help them with issues they have currently but also help them develop the systems required to be organised and proactive learners. Invest in your future self!

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Primary from £12ph | GCSE from £15ph | A-Level from £20ph

Online Tuition,
Tailored For 

One to One lessons personalised for your child. We guarantee you the best quality (without all the hassle).

  • How Do I Cancel A Lesson And Are There Any Fees For Doing So?
    We charge no fees for cancellations! Once you have subscribed to your packages and have signed up for an account with us, you can head over to your 'Account' Page where you will need to click the button that says 'I Need To Cancel A Lesson'. After submitting that form, you will be refunded for that cancelled lesson. You can also just message us on the website to cancel a lesson and we will ensure that gets processed for you. Please cancel a few days in advance.
  • How Do I Book Lessons Or Packages?
    After having our initial consultation call, we'll be able to guide you through which package is the correct one to purchase on the "Book Now" page. After purchasing, you will be contacted by your tutor to set up your lessons.
  • What Platform Do The Lessons Take Place On?
    By default, our lessons take place on Skype, a free videocalling and screensharing app that is accessible on all devices. If however, you have a personal preference for a specific platform you'd like the lessons to take place on, we can switch to that platform as long as it supports video calling and screen sharing.
  • Can I Change My Tutor?
    If you feel like your tutor isn't the right match for you, we can find you another suitable tutor as soon as possible. All you need to do is to get in contact with us by calling us or messaging us through the chat feature at the bottom right of the website.
  • How Do I Change My Packages Or Lessons After Starting?
    If you'd like to cancel or change your weekly package you can do so from your account tab. However, for changing packages to a different plan, you will need to get into contact with us by calling our number, cancelling your current plan and then subscribing to the plan you'd like to change to.
  • How Quickly Can I Expect Lessons To Proceed After Booking?
    We will aim to get back to you with a handpicked, assigned tutor and the first lesson date from our team in under a day from your initial call. Otherwise, it can be at a time of your choosing.
  • How Do I Know If My Tutor Is Qualified?
    Enlighten Learning has a strict hiring policy and all of our tutors are checked so that they have high academic achievement, great teaching skills and prior experience in tutoring. If you have further or specific questions, feel free to ask us at The Enlighten Learning Team or the tutor themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

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